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Developing Skilled Netizens for Lifelong Learning
The continuous, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of information is referred to as lifelong learning.
As an educator, it is critical to inspire our students to continue learning and growing outside of the classroom, where they should be able to adapt and develop into skilled netizens.

As learners today have a wide range of knowledge and skills to choose from to aid their professional development, thanks to the many open online courses available across many platforms, is a degree still important in this process?

What can we do to encourage lifelong learning?
How can your university contribute to this worthy cause?
And how can lifelong learning be personalized for learners?

PROFESSOR DR. ZORAINI WATI ABAS has been an educator most of her life.
A former Dean of School of Distance Education at Universiti Sains Malaysia, she is currently working as a Consultant for World Bank. She was previously the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Educational Technology) for three years at Wawasan Open University in Penang, Malaysia. From 2013 to 2015, she was at Sampoerna University in Jakarta, Indonesia where she was the Founding Director of the Center for Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Development as well as the Acting Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs.
Read more about Professor Zoraini at https://zoraini.com/about/


Last Update: 20/05/2022