• AUN-TEPL Symposium
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About The Event.
The AUN-TEPL thematic network under the ASEAN University Network (AUN) was established in 2019 to foster collaboration amongst the ASEAN universities to improve student success through technology-enhanced personalised learning.
Since the Inaugural AUN-TEPL Symposium on 26 February 2020, AUN -TEPL has been committed to promote technology-enhanced personalised learning across the network. As a key annual event, the AUN -TEPL Symposium serves as a platform with the aim of bringing together like-minded educators from universities in the ASEAN region to share and discuss best practices in the use of technology to bring about personalised learning. The symposium also aims to seek opportunities to collaborate in inter-university projects.
University Malaya is honored to be the organiser of the 3rd AUN-TEPL Symposium, along with co-organisers, Singapore Management University and Mahidol University.
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Last Update: 27/04/2022